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Hi Family and Family of Friends,


A Plea from your four-legged friends in this, the OFFICIAL BEGGING LETTER OF 2017 for the COASTAL HUMANE SOCIETY from Kelly’s Team.

Our usual funny begging letters have taken a turn.  In November of 2015, our team lost our dear Jessie and in September of 2016, we had to say goodbye to Kelly.  Our hearts are broken by the loss of our sweet girls.  One of the things that we realized anew as our pets were getting older and needing more care is that – even though it is sometimes a stretch – we have financial resources to take care of our sweet four-legged family members.  Many hard-working people – who love their pets just as much as we do – are only an illness or a layoff away from not being able to take care of them.  That’s where the Coastal Humane Society comes in.  And this year, we are raising money in Memory of Jessie and Kelly.

So, once again, we’re walking in the Kelly’s Restaurant St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March 12) to raise money for the all-volunteer Coastal Humane Society.  Last year, we raised more than $4,000 and we’re going to try to bust that record this year because there are so many innocent dogs and cats that need our help.  This is the 20
th year that this all-volunteer, nonprofit organization is raising money to help animals on the Outer Banks.  Did you know that the Coastal Humane Society has helped more than 7,000 animals and owners in Dare County and Lower Currituck County since 1997 with Veterinary Care, spay and neuter clinics, and food!

We know that you look forward to hearing from us at this time of your begging you to send all your money to us for the Coastal Humane Society annual fundraiser at
the Kelly's Restaurant St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 12, 2017.  Remember that 100% of your donation goes directly to animal care. 

What to do: 
ACT NOW!  Please send your extremely generous donation to:  Kathleen Brehony at 1118 Burnside Road, Manteo NC 27954 (Checks should be written to Coastal Humane Society).  You can also donate online using PayPal by going to :

Thank you and we love you!
Murphy, Iggy and Brigid (new team member)

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